10 December 2009

Loser Machine

We've got a new brand in the shop. Check out the helmets, flannel shirts and tees from Loser Machine.

07 December 2009

The Headlines - Waiting Room

Check out the latest video from our friends The Headlines. It's called "Waiting Room" and is taken from their new album "Making Love To The City".

01 December 2009

Late Night Surprise at Red Hot Club

A little treat from last nights Red Hot Club at Mejeriet. Jimmy, Tony and a few of their friends wanted to do something fun since it was the last Red Hot Club of the season. This is what they came up with.

Filmed by Andy.

17 November 2009

Friday the 13th at Saint 21

Christian from Grindhouse Tattoo came to Saint 21 to do some awesome tattoos, all in the nice spirit of friday the 13th.

Jon Nordstrøm also came by to sign his amazing book "Dansk Tatovering". The book is about Danish tattooing Culture in Denmark from 1895 until today.

Staff, customers and friends are also appearing here and there in this little video.

Music by Astrolites "Rumble in the City".

15 November 2009

New Video from The Men

Check out the latest video from The Men. It was filmed at Kulturen in Lund and released yesterday.

This is the new single from the forthcoming album "Four Good Men And True" that will be released by Heptown Records in February 2010.
Video filmed and cut by photographer Nils Bergendal and lit by Martin Berglund.

To see more videos from The Men check out their channel on Youtube.

12 November 2009

Friday the 13th Tattoo and Book Signing

HepCat Store celebrates this day with a special collaboration with the clothing brand Black Market Art Company. A brand that’s inspired by the tattoo art and culture and let’s artists like Gonzales, Tom Berg and Robert Atkinson design their own clothes line.

This Friday of the magical number - during the 5 hours that the store is open - a special 20 % discount is given on the named brand.

Christian from Grindhouse Tattoo will be working at Saint 21, so drop by to get your "13" tattoo.

Click here for more info.

11 November 2009

Beauty Queens Release Party

Drop by Big Hair Mama in Malmö this Saturday to celebrate the release of the all-Swedish pin up calendar Beauty Queens!

The event starts at 19.00. There will be music, something to drink, something to nibble on and something pretty to look at.
It's the perfect warm up to Club HepCat and Joe Spinaci's show at Tangopalatset.

21 October 2009

J.Tex - Union Army

Check out the new video from J.Tex, featuring Andi Almqvist and Frank Borg. The song is called Union Army and is taken from the album Misery.

16 October 2009

Spooky Merch from The Untamed

You've heard the latest album Delicious Death, but have you seen all the cool Untamed merch? We have t-shirts for kids, men and women. Click here to see them all.

Kids look even spookier in Untamed t-shirts.

13 October 2009

Pace Day at The HepCat Store - Revisited

Our videographer and partner in crime, the one and only Dan, has created another video for us. This time it's footage from Pace Day at Saint 21. Check it out!

To see more of Dan's work, check out his channel on Youtube.

12 October 2009

New Lipsticks from Bésame

The Voluptous Lip Colour set from Bésame is now in stock! Click here to buy it.

These lipsticks are the first of the new line from Bésame Cosmetics. They come in three colours; red velvet, champagne and rapture rose. This set includes a lipstic, a lip liner and a lip pencil. It makes a great gift for yourself or someone who appreciates the finer things in life.
Check out this video review of the Voluptuous Lip Colour Set to learn more.

If you want to see more videos about Bésame, check out founder Gabriela Hernandez' channel on Youtube.

08 October 2009

Stay warm in Dickies, DePalma and Pike Brothers

There's no need to be cold this fall, not when we've got brand new flannel lined work pants from Dickies. Perfect for working on your car in a cold garage or for those who are working outdoors.

We've also got brand new 1940's style jackets from Pike Brothers and jackets and hoodies from DePalma.

Keep your head warm with this lovely cashmere cap from Wigéns. It was so popular last year that we had to get some more for this winter.

There's also plenty of stuff for the ladies. Click here to see all women's jackets.

30 September 2009

Rob Has A New Tattoo

Rob just got another tattoo by Mr Adam Dorsett who is in town for the Tattoo Expo in Malmö this weekend.

The HepCat Store will be selling clothes, music and pomade at the Tattoo Expo and Skratch will be pinstriping, so drop by if you're in the neighborhood.

Work in progress.

No Guts No Glory

23 September 2009


We're now stocking all the classic shoes from Vans at the HepCat Store. We've got old skool styles, chukka boots and authentic. There's something for everyone!

Click here to see all styles.

21 September 2009

J.Tex Release Party at Ideal Bar

Get ready for the latest album from J.Tex!
Come to Ideal Bar in Copenhagen this Saturday and celebrate the release of Misery. J.Tex and friends will be performing live.

Free admission and free beer!

Hours: 20.00 to 23.00

18 September 2009

Untamed Release Party in Copenhagen

Celebrate the release of Delicious Death with the Untamed at Studenterhuset this Saturday!

After the two albums Eerie Stories (2003) and Strange Unknown (2005) – both on Heptown Records - The Untamed have prepared another journey into the darker sides of human behavior with the new album Delicious Death (2009).

Recorded live in two sessions, at Delta Lab Studio and in the dark basement of Aelwiz Studios/Kizio Studio, in 5 days. Songs of murder and evil women, of death and dying and of crime and crying - and buying the guitar of your dreams ...

This three-piece combo with Marco Burro on guitar and vocals, Helle Hellcat on bass and The Ghoul on drums are mixing garagepunk with rockabilly, blues and country, spicing it up with some instrumental antics on spoons, banjo and honky tonk piano, and blending it into a deliciously deadly cocktail of untamed spirits.

After numerous international shows with artists like The 5678’s, Mad Sin,The Nomads, Demented Are Go, Dick Dale, The Defectors, Powersolo, Billy Childish, and playing Roskilde Festival, Gutter Island Garagerock Festival, Popkomm -The Untamed is a band that knows how to please an audience hungry for rock’n roll.

Studenterhuset Copenhagen
Købmagergade 43

Cost: 40DKK

Time: 21.00 until late...late.

And there might even be free beer...

12 September 2009

Cardinals Car Club in Sydsvenskan

Don't forget to read Sydsvenskan today. There's an article about our friends the Cardinals Car Club in the motor section.

The article is not on the website, so pick up a copy of the newspaper.

Photo by Joi Grinde

UPDATE: The article can now be found on sydsvenskan.se

08 September 2009

Psst! The new stuff from Pace is here!

New looks for fall.

We just got the latest styles from PACE, including some cool t-shirts and awesome denim.
Drop by the shop this weekend or check out the webshop where the new stuff will be up in the next few days.

Remember the classic pin up jeans from a few years ago? They're finally back!
Click here to buy them.

The classic pin up jeans are back in stock!

03 September 2009

The Last BBQ of 2009

Tonight will be this seasons last Thursday BBQ at Saint 21. We're also celebrating the fall with some blues upstairs at Saint 21 and lots of new stuff in the HepCat Store.

Photo by Bill Steber.

Better late than never, here is the official invitation to tonight’s un-official little blues in the attic at HepCat Store.

There is already a Hot Rod BBQ every Thursday; well actually this is the last one. We keep the grill hot from six p.m., just bring your own food and drinks and hang out with us. The HepCat Store is open and there will be good music playing.

Later at about 8 we sneak upstairs for some steamin’ hot blues…

31 August 2009

History of the Danish Tattoo

I was working last saturday when a really nice fellow called Jon Nordström came in bearing a heavy cardboard box. He opens his box and produces this baby:

Dansk Tatovering / Danish Tattoing

and i drop my jaw.
I remember Peter of Old Bones Tattoo in Malmö told me some time ago that there was this guy who was putting together the history of Danish tattooing complete with an astonishing collection of photos and interviews with some of scandinavias most legendary tattoo-artists... and here it is! From oldschool (as in end of the 1800s) to our days, it follows the development of Danish tattoo art, something that has heavily influenced the whole of scandinavia.
No need to say this book is awesome, you already get it right?
We at Hepcat Store can proudly say we carry this piece of history at a reasonable price!
Best thing is Jon signed 10 of the copies he left with us, maybe there's still one left?

29 August 2009

New stuff from DePalma

We just got the latest stuff from DePalma and are unpacking like crazy. The new stuff is available in the shop at Saint 21 right now, and will be in the web shop sometime next week.

Tobias is working his way through a never-ending pile of boxes.

25 August 2009

Skratch on Swedish TV

TV4 local news stopped by Saint 21 yesterday to talk to Skratch. Check out his pinstriping, the music of J.Tex that's playing in the background and our buddy Conny.

Having trouble with the player? Try this direct link.

Beauty Queens 2010 Calendar

Our friends Ylva and Yen from Big Hair Mama have made a Swedish pin up calendar in true 1950's style. It's called Beauty Queens and features 12 Swedish bombshells.

The photos are flirty, fun and safe for work. The calendar is done in the Swedish 1950's style which is a little more modest that some American pin ups.
And the girls? Well, they just might live next door to you.

Fröken November

Fröken Oktober

Cool Denim from Pike Brothers

We have a great new brand in stock, Pike Brothers. The roamer jeans were really popular at A-bombers and have some great details.

Pike Brothers racing team at the A-bombers hillclimb this year.

Roamer jeans.

True workwear denims with 1930s characteristics. The Roamer Pant has been made from 11 Ounce raw denim with selvage edge. Regardless of costs and labour we made a denim which is truly unique.

We've also got some awesome workwear bibs as worn in 1935. This 1935 Mechanic bib has been made from 11 Ounce raw denim with selvage edge.

Workwear bibs.

If you drop by the shop at Saint 21 you can also check out some jackets and coveralls for both men and women.

19 August 2009

Junkyard Jamboree

Our friends the Cardinals Car Club are throwing a junkyard jamboree this Saturday. The place is Hammarlunda bilskrot.
There's gonna be beer, bbq and great music from Pat C Miller and the Astrolites. Skratch will be pinstriping, so bring your kustoms and hot rods.

For more info check out the Cardinals webpage.

12 August 2009

Eat At Ebbas

Two junior members of the Saint 21 crew showing off in their new t-shirts from Ebbas Fik in Helsingborg.

08 August 2009

Kultural Announcements

Today, this store is an oven.
Hammering us with a ruthless dirty söuthern sun, God is putting his Saint 21 to the test.
I wont stand for this mauling of divine light without some proper good music and art, hell no!

If you're feeling the heat like i do, i can recommend you the following apocalyptic records to help cool you off...

Like An Atom Bomb - Songs from the Cold War Era (Various Artists)
Diabolical Hoodoo - Vintage songs of Devilry, Doom & Hellfire 1920-1952

Yeah, so about the art bit? I got five words for you: Get your stripe on, Jack!
But let a professional handle it, ok?
True livin' art legend: mr. Skratch, Master Pinstriper himself is here once more, book him to paint your average whatever-you-like into some fine art!
He "aint The Best, but he's better than You!"

Don't believe me? Come down to the store, we got paint and all sorts of brushes here (not online, you gotta come down in person) so you can try it at home... but yeah, you wont beat him though.

30 July 2009

HepCat and Movits! in Helsinborgs Dagblad

Helsingborgs Dagblad has an article on Movits! and how the HepCat Store became their unofficial international distributor.

Click here to read it!

and Sydsvenskan

29 July 2009

How Heptown Helped Movits! get on TV in the US

If you attended the ten year anniversary of Club HepCat in Lund you caught a performance by Movits!, a Swedish jazz/swing/hiphop act.

Movits at Club HepCat. Photo by Malin Sjöberg.

As always, we bought some copies of their cd "Äppelknyckarjazz" to carry in the store. We sold one or two, then all of a sudden all the cd's we had in stock were gone. When we checked, we saw that they had all been sent to addresses in the US. What the heck?

After some detective work Håkan found this post on aurgasm.

“Django guitar, windy street swing; music for both art directors and for your mother” is how MOVITS! describe their sound. Well-known in Sweden, but unheard of elsewhere, they fold together elements of 1930’s big band swing, roma swing and rhythm & blues, then drop hiphop vocals on top for some serious energetic firepower. The ability to seamlessly interweave a number of genres reminds me of The Cat Empire, but while MOVITS! could relax on their catchy beats, they expertly drop variations (i.e. 2:00 in the video above) that’ll keep you smiling throughout the song.

And it the comments section we noticed that someone had found out that we sold their cd and shipped internationally. Anyone outside Europe who wanted to order the album could only get it from hepcat.se. So that's why we got all these orders...

We sold all the records we had in stock and tried to order more. The label didn't have any more records and neither did their distributor, but we finally got some directly from the band.

But then we ran out of "Äppelknyckarjazz" again and we are now waiting for the re-pressing of the album.
This is not just because of the blog. Movits! were guests on American TV show the Colbert Report this Monday.

Movits! with Colbert.

Click below to see Movits! on the Colbert Report. The first clip is the interview, the second is their performance of "Fel Del Av Gården".

Movits! Interview

Movits! "Fel del av gården"

The news of American interest in Movits! was first brought to the bands attention when we called them and asked for more records.

The news of Movits! performance on American TV and the heads up they got from HepTown Records has been reported by the following sources;
Their record label BDpop; Movits! intar New York!
The Colbert Report bokar Movits!
Whoa.nu; Movits i New York på Colbert Report!
Sydsvenskan; Movits slutsålt efter succé
Helsingborgs Dagblad; Movits succé i USA säljer slut på skivor i Lund

Click here to order "Äppelknyckarjazz".

28 July 2009

Carling Family - Hot Jazz

Check out the latest release on HepTown Records, Hot Jazz by the Carling Family.

The Carling family is back with composers such as Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Richard Wagner plus five songs self-penned by Hans Carling.
Wether it be in a smooth, laidback way or a leg-jerking way, it's certainly all served in the famous Carling 'Hot Jazz' way.

Click here to check it out.

A-bombers Old Style Weekend

The Saint 21 crew is getting ready for A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.

We're bringing Skratch, J.Tex and a bunch of other cool people. As always, the HepCat Store will be selling magazines, records, cool clothes and pomade.

Be there or be square.

20 July 2009

Burlesque Poster Design

We've got a fabulous new book in stock, Burlesque Poster Design - The Art Of Tease.

Great reading for graphic artists, dancers and anyone else interested in the history of burlesque.

Some are subtle as a fan dance, while others are saucy as twirling tassels, and they're all collected here - the finest, raunchiest, most teasing burlesque poster art, from the Follies Bergere of 1880 to the London Burlesque of 2008.
More than 150 poster designs illustrate the history of bumping and grinding, flirting and subverting.

Wanna see if you got what it takes to shake your stuff and twirl those tassels? Check out the dvd "Burlesque for Beginners".

18 July 2009

Psst! Hey Ladies! (and Gentlemen?)

Seriously, if you haven't seen this already you should look it up right NOW: specials on t-shirts, hoodies and even some sweet Lola Ramona heels, get them while you still can!!!

15 July 2009

All You Need For A Cool Summer

We wish everyone a great summer with plenty of time to relax, work on your cars and bikes, flirt, dance and listen to good music.

We have the items that will make your summer even sweeter. Check out our shorts from Pace, Dickies and DePalma, the cool caps and t-shirts from Swedish skate brand Locals Apparel and the sweet and sexy dresses from Pace and Brixton.
Click here to see all the dresses we have in stock.

Heading to the beach? Grab a beach towel from DePalma and something to read. We've got new issues of Bachelor Pad Magazine and Greasy Culture.

Need some cool music? Check out the new album from Lil' Linn & The Lookout Boys.

09 July 2009

J.Tex - Misery

HepTown Records artist J.Tex just released his new solo album called Misery.

A man and his guitar.

This is what J.Tex himself had to say about the new album;

This time we wanted to catch that special summer night feeling we had experienced, a feeling that includes music, dust, old-time cars and a great crowd. And to make it just right, we found the greatest little studio located in an old schoolhouse near Lund, Sweden. The studio is now known as “House on the Hill” with Carl Granberg as the man in charge.

These twelve songs were recorded in three days. I asked my best and oldest buddy, Frank Borg, bass/banjo player and singer-songwriter, to cross the sea that third and final day and join in on this album. Andi Almqvist, a Swedish singer-songwriter from Malmö and also a dear friend, came by, making the song "Union Army" sparkle with his voice and musical talent. To make the day just perfect, Svante Sjöblom joined the party and was thrown in on “One of these days”.

All in all, this album was made in the true family & good friends way. I hope you will enjoy this album. And that not only this album, but all music you may listen to, will shine on you and make every day a better day.

Music Rules!


Click here to listen to some of the songs on myspace.

You can buy the album here.


Snutjävel tee and hat are avaliable at the HepCat Store.

Have you seen the great stuff from Swedish punk band Snutjävel? We've got t-shirts, hats and music.
Don't forget to check out their latest single Punksvin, out now on HepTown Records.

Linje Lusta

Hey kids, don't forget to watch Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando in "A Streetcar Named Desire" tonight! The film from 1951 is known as "Linje Lusta" in Sweden.

It airs on Swedish SVT2 at 22.30.

08 July 2009

Zoe Scarlett's Blog

Our friend Zoe Scarlett has joined us in the bloggosphere. You can check out her tattoos, the latest images from her foto sessions and see what's going on in her life.

You can find her at zoescarlett.blogspot.com

Don't forget to check out Zoe Scarlett's merch in our shop.

Moving Images from Pace Day

We found this over at the pace blog. Some cool images from our Pace Day at Saint 21.

26 June 2009

West Coast Riot

The Saint 21 crew took the day off and headed to West Coast Riot. We had an awesome time checking out bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Sick Of It All, The Living End, Bouncing Souls and Social Distortion.

Christian, Malin and Rob.

Caroline and Kristopher.

Mike Ness on the big screen.

Hultsfred Hayride

HepCat Store will be at Hultsfred Hayride this weekend! We will be selling clothes, magazines and mucis on Saturday, and we hope to see you there.

Skratch will be pinstriping, just drop by and say hi if you want him to stripe your car or bike.

23 June 2009

Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree

Cardinals Car Club, our friends and allies, are throwing a jamboree in a junkyard. That's right - the second Junkyard Jamboree is on!

Astrolites and Pat C Miller will be performing live, Tiki Pete will DJ. The Cardinals are promising a great day with beer, bbq and awesome cars.
If you say your prayers we just might have sunshine this year...

The date is August 22 and the place is Hammarlunda Bilskrot. More info can be found here.

Bedrock Weekend!

This midsummer weekend some of the Saint 21 crew drove over to Aarup, Denmark, to party all night long at Bedrock Weekend, and so they did. Early saturday morning Jimmy, Skratch, Kristopher and Caroline took Rob's saintmobile and took aim for Bedrock.
We arrived around two o'clock and hooked up with the Cardinals Car Club, just in time to see the races.

After that we drove down to the Devil's Hole and met J.Tex who was just about to start playing, supported by two guys from Wild Wax Combo! Skratch did some jobs and we were all enjoying the sun, the music and the danish beers.

After a couple of hours of work and having fun, we went off to the camping sight for even more fun, and so it went on.. Great weather, great people, great cars, great music and great drinks, need I say any more?

See you next weekend at Hultsfred Hayride!