23 October 2010

We're moving things around

As we're developing Saint 21 into a brand - of clothing, pomade and other cool stuff - this blog will change in the coming weeks.

We've started a new blog, a HepCat Store blog, where you'll find news from the shop, upcoming gigs and cool things that happen. Basically, whatever you used to find here is now found at hepcatstore.blogspot.com. We hope to see you there!

21 October 2010

Friday: J.Tex Duo Live at Klubb Peyote

J.Tex and bass player Frank Borg are playing at Klubb Peyote in Malmö tomorrow night. Klubb Peyote moves from venue to venue and tomorrow night it's at Metro.

We'll be there. Will you?

Fancy new music section

Have you seen our swanky new music section? It's all organised and there's ever room for DVDs!

So much to choose from...

We've got vinyl too; 7", 10" and 12".

Need to stock up on pomade? Drop by the shop because we've got a lot of good stuff in stock. We just got a big box of Pusher and there's plenty of Kustom Kutting and Levins.

That's a lot of grease.

20 October 2010

Tasty new 7" vinyl

We've got some tasty new 7" for you! Treat yourself in time for Halloween!
The first one is a split from The Archers and Sinicess. Check it out here or click on the cover.

The second is a compilation from Dirty Ugly Records with ten trashy bands from all over the world. How much SHOCK can you stand this Halloween?

18 October 2010

The Troubled Three live at HepCat Store

The Troubled Three are giving a free concert at the HepCat Store this Saturday. The HepCat Store is open between 11 and 16, The Troubled Three will play around 13.

About the band: Three vigilantes from up north have teamed up to perform the best music ever written and combine it with the most astonishing live shows you'll ever see...
Most songs fall in the category of rhythm & blues, rock'n'roll and western swing. Legendary songs from the forties are mixed with some original material and a hell of an attitude on stage.
Do not miss this fresh act!

Greasy Kulture #17

Another great issue has landed at our shop in Lund. Get it at the HepCat Store!

Issue #17

16 October 2010

New sign for the store

Check out this amazing sign/board that pinstriper Charlie Nilsson painted for us.

Hepcat - it's where it's at

09 October 2010

Introducing: Saint 21

Saint 21 isn't just our house anymore. It's our new label. We've just opened the first boxes of tees, trucker caps and hoodies and we're stoked. Check 'em out at the HepCat Store!
More designs are on their way.

Do you miss our Saint 21 pomade? Well this is the time to get your hopes up! The new and improved Saint 21 pomade is being created in a mysterious place in the Swedish woods, among bikes, pine trees and skateboards.
And there's even something for the ladies...

08 October 2010

Skull Skool Royal

Antoine Bernhart gained international recognition in the early 1980s for his black-and-white drawings, which appeared on record covers, flyers, posters and fanzines for bands such as The Meteors, The Sting Rays, The Cramps and Billy Childish’s Milkshakes. A selection of these early works have achieved cult status.

Warning: Some of the graphic material in this book might hurt viewers’ sensibilities and is not suited for children and adolescents.

07 October 2010

Big Hair Mama in Sydsvenskan

Yen, our very own Big Hair Mama and hairdresser extraordinaire, turns 30 today!
She's in Sydsvenskan today, read the article here! Happy Birthday Yen!

Photo by Åsa Hagenblad

Locators at Vinylbaren tonight!

HepTown Records own The Locators are playing at Vinylbaren in Malmö tonight. Be there or be square!

Photo: Jens Schrøder

06 October 2010

Dice #34

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest issue of Dice Magazine has landed! As ususal, it rocks!

Need more Dice? Check out all our Dice merch and previous issues here.

02 October 2010

HepTown Records rocks Copenhagen

We've got no less than 3 bands from Heptown Records playing live in Copenhagen tonight. Locators are playing at Stengade, Pranksters are playing at The Rock and Cherry Overdrive are releasing their album "Go Prime Time, Honey" at Cafe Mandela.

And as if that wasn't enough, J.Tex and the Volunteers are playing at TattooExpo in Malmö.
HepTown Records - we kick ass and bring you the finest live music.

01 October 2010

Motorcycho #23 and #24

Two new issues of Motorcycho have just landed in the webshop. Get them both and start October with some good readin' about bikes, road trips and rock n roll.