31 August 2009

History of the Danish Tattoo

I was working last saturday when a really nice fellow called Jon Nordström came in bearing a heavy cardboard box. He opens his box and produces this baby:

Dansk Tatovering / Danish Tattoing

and i drop my jaw.
I remember Peter of Old Bones Tattoo in Malmö told me some time ago that there was this guy who was putting together the history of Danish tattooing complete with an astonishing collection of photos and interviews with some of scandinavias most legendary tattoo-artists... and here it is! From oldschool (as in end of the 1800s) to our days, it follows the development of Danish tattoo art, something that has heavily influenced the whole of scandinavia.
No need to say this book is awesome, you already get it right?
We at Hepcat Store can proudly say we carry this piece of history at a reasonable price!
Best thing is Jon signed 10 of the copies he left with us, maybe there's still one left?

29 August 2009

New stuff from DePalma

We just got the latest stuff from DePalma and are unpacking like crazy. The new stuff is available in the shop at Saint 21 right now, and will be in the web shop sometime next week.

Tobias is working his way through a never-ending pile of boxes.

25 August 2009

Skratch on Swedish TV

TV4 local news stopped by Saint 21 yesterday to talk to Skratch. Check out his pinstriping, the music of J.Tex that's playing in the background and our buddy Conny.

Having trouble with the player? Try this direct link.

Beauty Queens 2010 Calendar

Our friends Ylva and Yen from Big Hair Mama have made a Swedish pin up calendar in true 1950's style. It's called Beauty Queens and features 12 Swedish bombshells.

The photos are flirty, fun and safe for work. The calendar is done in the Swedish 1950's style which is a little more modest that some American pin ups.
And the girls? Well, they just might live next door to you.

Fröken November

Fröken Oktober

Cool Denim from Pike Brothers

We have a great new brand in stock, Pike Brothers. The roamer jeans were really popular at A-bombers and have some great details.

Pike Brothers racing team at the A-bombers hillclimb this year.

Roamer jeans.

True workwear denims with 1930s characteristics. The Roamer Pant has been made from 11 Ounce raw denim with selvage edge. Regardless of costs and labour we made a denim which is truly unique.

We've also got some awesome workwear bibs as worn in 1935. This 1935 Mechanic bib has been made from 11 Ounce raw denim with selvage edge.

Workwear bibs.

If you drop by the shop at Saint 21 you can also check out some jackets and coveralls for both men and women.

19 August 2009

Junkyard Jamboree

Our friends the Cardinals Car Club are throwing a junkyard jamboree this Saturday. The place is Hammarlunda bilskrot.
There's gonna be beer, bbq and great music from Pat C Miller and the Astrolites. Skratch will be pinstriping, so bring your kustoms and hot rods.

For more info check out the Cardinals webpage.

12 August 2009

Eat At Ebbas

Two junior members of the Saint 21 crew showing off in their new t-shirts from Ebbas Fik in Helsingborg.

08 August 2009

Kultural Announcements

Today, this store is an oven.
Hammering us with a ruthless dirty söuthern sun, God is putting his Saint 21 to the test.
I wont stand for this mauling of divine light without some proper good music and art, hell no!

If you're feeling the heat like i do, i can recommend you the following apocalyptic records to help cool you off...

Like An Atom Bomb - Songs from the Cold War Era (Various Artists)
Diabolical Hoodoo - Vintage songs of Devilry, Doom & Hellfire 1920-1952

Yeah, so about the art bit? I got five words for you: Get your stripe on, Jack!
But let a professional handle it, ok?
True livin' art legend: mr. Skratch, Master Pinstriper himself is here once more, book him to paint your average whatever-you-like into some fine art!
He "aint The Best, but he's better than You!"

Don't believe me? Come down to the store, we got paint and all sorts of brushes here (not online, you gotta come down in person) so you can try it at home... but yeah, you wont beat him though.