08 August 2009

Kultural Announcements

Today, this store is an oven.
Hammering us with a ruthless dirty söuthern sun, God is putting his Saint 21 to the test.
I wont stand for this mauling of divine light without some proper good music and art, hell no!

If you're feeling the heat like i do, i can recommend you the following apocalyptic records to help cool you off...

Like An Atom Bomb - Songs from the Cold War Era (Various Artists)
Diabolical Hoodoo - Vintage songs of Devilry, Doom & Hellfire 1920-1952

Yeah, so about the art bit? I got five words for you: Get your stripe on, Jack!
But let a professional handle it, ok?
True livin' art legend: mr. Skratch, Master Pinstriper himself is here once more, book him to paint your average whatever-you-like into some fine art!
He "aint The Best, but he's better than You!"

Don't believe me? Come down to the store, we got paint and all sorts of brushes here (not online, you gotta come down in person) so you can try it at home... but yeah, you wont beat him though.

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