26 June 2009

West Coast Riot

The Saint 21 crew took the day off and headed to West Coast Riot. We had an awesome time checking out bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Sick Of It All, The Living End, Bouncing Souls and Social Distortion.

Christian, Malin and Rob.

Caroline and Kristopher.

Mike Ness on the big screen.

Hultsfred Hayride

HepCat Store will be at Hultsfred Hayride this weekend! We will be selling clothes, magazines and mucis on Saturday, and we hope to see you there.

Skratch will be pinstriping, just drop by and say hi if you want him to stripe your car or bike.

23 June 2009

Cardinals Junkyard Jamboree

Cardinals Car Club, our friends and allies, are throwing a jamboree in a junkyard. That's right - the second Junkyard Jamboree is on!

Astrolites and Pat C Miller will be performing live, Tiki Pete will DJ. The Cardinals are promising a great day with beer, bbq and awesome cars.
If you say your prayers we just might have sunshine this year...

The date is August 22 and the place is Hammarlunda Bilskrot. More info can be found here.

Bedrock Weekend!

This midsummer weekend some of the Saint 21 crew drove over to Aarup, Denmark, to party all night long at Bedrock Weekend, and so they did. Early saturday morning Jimmy, Skratch, Kristopher and Caroline took Rob's saintmobile and took aim for Bedrock.
We arrived around two o'clock and hooked up with the Cardinals Car Club, just in time to see the races.

After that we drove down to the Devil's Hole and met J.Tex who was just about to start playing, supported by two guys from Wild Wax Combo! Skratch did some jobs and we were all enjoying the sun, the music and the danish beers.

After a couple of hours of work and having fun, we went off to the camping sight for even more fun, and so it went on.. Great weather, great people, great cars, great music and great drinks, need I say any more?

See you next weekend at Hultsfred Hayride!

15 June 2009

HepCat Store and Skratch at Jokers

We survived another weekend at Jokers Car & Bike Show in Tidaholm.
The weather was a little sketchy, but we managed to stay dry. We met up with both old and new friends, hung out and talked about cars, clothes and eyeliner.

Cars, cars and more cars.

HepCat Store and Skratch's Garage on the road.

Saint 21 hangarounds.

Shopping for Skratch's merch.

Packin' up and heading home.

Another fun weekend in Tidaholm. Thanks to Jokers Car Club and their crew!

14 June 2009

1 400 people visited Stockamöllan!

Photo from Skånskan

Over 1 400 people visited Stockamöllan Swing Festival this weekend. That's a new record!

Read more about the festival this article in Skånska Dagbladet.

11 June 2009

Gunhild Carling in Sydsvenskan

Photo by Anna Wahlgren, taken from Sydsvenskan.

Gunhild Carling talks about the upcoming swing festival in Stockamöllan in today's Sydsvenskan. You can read the article here.

Stockamöllan Swing festival and dance camp starts tomorrow. Click here for more info.

09 June 2009

Jokers Car Show

The HepCat Store will be on the road this weekend. We're going to Jokers Car Show in Tidaholm. We hope to see you there!
We're bringing some of our best stuff, like our Saint 21 pomade, awesome clothes, music and magazines.

Two bands from HepTown Records are playing, El Ray and Nosey Joe & The Poolkings.

Skratch will be pinstriping on Friday and Saturday. You can book an appointment at skratch@heptown.com or by calling us at 046 211 14 49.

06 June 2009

Goin' Bananas

At Saint 21 we believe in alternating between work and play. We hope these photos of Skratch will illustrate the point.

Goin' bananas.

Posing with a pinstriped moped.

Skratch was here.

05 June 2009

Skratch's Garage Merch

As if the man himself wasn't enough, we now have two new tees from Skratch's Garage in stock at the HepCat Store.

There's also a rumor that there may be some merch for us girls coming soon...

For info on how to book an appointment with Skratch, click here.

He's not the best, but he's better than you.

Our skatebank is located outside the shop, feel free to drop by and try it out.
Why not treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind skate deck, some new trucks or a pair of skate friendly shoes from Vision?

01 June 2009

Pace Day at Saint 21

Pace Day at Saint 21 was a success! Thanks to everyone who came out and made the day great.

The store was full of people, the bbq was hot and there was plenty of awesome live music. Not to mention all the kustom and vintage cars.

Who knows, we just might do it again next year.

The HepCat Store. We call our building Saint 21.

Those boys from Pace know a thing or two about skateboards.

Plenty of Hot Rods showed up.

J.Tex entertained the crowds.

Bbq, sun and cool people. That's what made the day great.

Rob, acting his age.

C.A.P.S. played in the small garage we just converted. The stage used to be a kitchen.

Sandy De Luxe

The lovely blogger Sandy De Luxe dropped by Saint 21 on PACE day to pick up the custom gift she won in our blog contest.

We selected a pair of Lola Ramona shoes, eye shadows and lipstick fom Bésame and some music from HepTown Records for her.

Posing like a true winner.

Unwrapping selected Bésame cosmetics.

We hope you enjoyed the day and that you'll have lots of fun in your new shoes!