23 June 2009

Bedrock Weekend!

This midsummer weekend some of the Saint 21 crew drove over to Aarup, Denmark, to party all night long at Bedrock Weekend, and so they did. Early saturday morning Jimmy, Skratch, Kristopher and Caroline took Rob's saintmobile and took aim for Bedrock.
We arrived around two o'clock and hooked up with the Cardinals Car Club, just in time to see the races.

After that we drove down to the Devil's Hole and met J.Tex who was just about to start playing, supported by two guys from Wild Wax Combo! Skratch did some jobs and we were all enjoying the sun, the music and the danish beers.

After a couple of hours of work and having fun, we went off to the camping sight for even more fun, and so it went on.. Great weather, great people, great cars, great music and great drinks, need I say any more?

See you next weekend at Hultsfred Hayride!

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punk in writing said...

Looks awesome. I knew I should have gone...