27 January 2009

Burlesque For Beginners

If you've ever dreamt of becoming a pinup or burlesque star, then the Ministry Of Burlesque have put together a DVD which will teach you all of the tips, tricks and twirls you ever wanted to know.

The skills are taught in a humorous and enjoyable way, so whether you're interested in burlesque as a hobby or a profession, this is an enjoyable watch and provides a super fun and sexy way to work out.
Check out the dvd here.

And if you wanna look your best when you strut your stuff why not try the vintage style cosmetics from Bésame or a hairstyle from the bestselling book "Vintage Hairstyling".

For some more inspiration check out the photos of our friend Sweet Amanda from the Xmas Bash.

22 January 2009

Now stocking Nude Magazine

We're now stocking Nude Magazine, a fabulous British magazine about art, pop culture and counter-culture.

Nude aims to celebrate the spirit of wayward creativity in all its forms, serving up an eclectic mix of contemporary graphics, deviant design, outsider and alternative musics, eccentric architecture, cult writing, indie film, cutting-edge fashion and profiles of maverick genius the world over.

Check it out here.

17 January 2009

14 January 2009

Emma and the Moodswingers recenserade i Uppsala!

Våra kära Emma and the Moodswingers släppte nyligen sin nya platta, Turn it up!, och har blivit recenserade i Uppsalas lokaltidning, UNT! Här följer recensionen;

Färgsprakande Sweet Emma & The Mood swingers

Turn it up
SKIVRECENSION Uppsalabekanta Sweet Emma & The Mood swingers följer upp sin två år gamla skivdebut med en ny dos rythm and blues, boogie woogie och swing i färgsprakande mix. Turn it up rymmer egna nummer samt inlånat material av folk som Little Richard och Willie Dixon. Och alltsammans får Mood swingers omisskänliga stämpel av högoktanig jumpmusik som sätter fart på dansbenen, stilmässigt från den livaktiga period alldeles innan rock´n rollen blev ett begrepp.
Hör t ex gruppens frustande, New Orleans-kryddade variant av tidiga rockdängan Slippin and slidin. Anders Söderberg är cool förstesångare och septettens instrumentalister gör styva soloinpass rätt igenom. Dance on!

Läs recensionen här!


10 January 2009

Prison Blues Jeans In Stock

Prison Blues Jeans are back in stock! Many of our customers have asked about them and here they are!

The original, authentic, prison-made blue jean brand. Made by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon USA.

Check out that durable fabric. Peruse that careful stitching. Feel that fit. Weld in them. Fall timber. Build houses. Dig in the dirt. You have the freedom to choose. A classic blue jean made from 14.75 oz cotton denim, high-waist cut for a great fit.

These jeans are made in "Rigid Blue denim", are unwashed and not pre-shrunk. As a result they are sized accordingly. Unwashed denim items will measure slightly larger than the lable size to allow for normal shrinkage after repeated home washings.

03 January 2009

Decks Galore!

Brothers and Sisters of the congregation!
This might be of interest for all you little kickflipping boys and girls of the world and (more specifically) of Lund. Your ol' pals at Saint 21 just recieved a batch of FINE-ass skate decks, making us the only store in this burrow to carry such inventory! Thats some mafia-style marketing scheme and we just made you an offer you cant refuse.

So far we've featured stuff from our friends from Bats N Butterflies, DiCE Mag and our latest addition is Affiliate Skateboards. No half-steps or anything, legit!

Our trinity is now complete: threads, tunes and trucks! What more do you need than the grace of this?!

AMEN to you Sisters and Brothers, let me hear you testify!

01 January 2009

Happy New Year!

We hope you all have a great 2009! We've got some great things happening this year so stay tuned.
There's gonna be some great music, a fabulous anniversary and a lot of surprises.