30 March 2010

Brand New Vans!

We just got all the new styles of Vans in stock, just in time for spring. So put away those old winter boots and treat your feet to a new pair of shoes!

Vans classic slip-on in Espresso.

Vans 106 Vulcanized in grey/philly.

See all our Vans here.

Hey Magnus, We'll Be Your Tim Gunn

I just had a brief conversation about jeans and pomade on Twitter with Magnus. He needs some help with his look and he just happened to write a blog post about wanting a Tim Gunn in his life, so here we go.

Saint 21 may not be able to guide Magnus through every step of his life, but we'll give it our best shot. Because we love y'all and we want to give every customer the best service we can.

I've never met Magnus in person, only looked at his blog and his twitter feed. But I found this on YouTube.

Aaaww... charming.
Anyhow, Magnus wants to look sharp. Like Morrissey did in 1992.

Photo by Linder Sterling, taken in 1992.

Magnus uses a combination of mousse, wax and hairspray most days. My first suggestion is a good quality pomade for his hair, like High Life Pomade in medium or light, depending on how fine his hair is. High Life pomades are not very shiny and that means you won't leave grease stains everywhere.

Next step - denim. The boys at HepCat Store are very good at jeans so ideally Magnus should drop by the shop to try a few styles on. Both Pace and Pike Brothers do very nice jeans in vintage styles. Pace Lowrider raw is one of our current best sellers.

Magnus should loosen up on the Moz style just a little and try something more rock n roll. Lovewright have a nice baseball tee with 3/4 sleeves. Or maybe this classic tee from so-cal speedshop.
Need a new jacket for spring? Try this traditional Harrington jacket in olive green by Brixton.

As a final touch I suggest the latest issue of Men's File and the album Misery by J.Tex.
Magnus, there is a light that never goes out at Saint 21... come and see us!

I should add that Magnus has no idea that I'm writing this and I hope he doesn't kill me.

18 March 2010

Devil Doll

The lovely Devil Doll will bring her story of sex and sorrow, late vanity nights and a broken bottle of dreams to Mejeriet in Lund tomorrow.
Come and enjoy her mix of smooth 40`s style jazz, rockabilly, latin and punk!

Support: Duck&Cover and Thee Gravemen

Get your ticket here.

For the Kids

We're now stocking DePalma for kids. Dress 'em sharp while they're still young!

Lowrider Hoodie

Baseball Jacket

See all our kids stuff here.

17 March 2010

12 March 2010

New Magazine; Men's File

We're now stocking British magazine Men's File, a modern(ist) magazine tracing the roots of style.
Get your copy today!

Fun on the Tattoo Boat

It looks like the boys had fun at Tattoobåten in the past 24 hours.

Talking on the phone and driving. Rob does this a lot.

Setting up the shop.

I see Dan and Rob are working hard.


08 March 2010

05 March 2010

DePalma Summer 2010

Check out the latest collection from DePalma, it's in the shop right now and we're putting it online as fast as we can.

If you can't wait, drop by the shop today. We're open until 19.00.
Or come by tomorrow when we're open from 11.00 to 16.00.



03 March 2010

Milcow Magazine

We're now stocking a new magazine from the UK, Milkcow Magazine.

Issue 8

Milkcow is a colour magazine dedicated to the 1940s and 1950s Lifestyle in the UK.
Milkcow covers the entire spectrum of Music, Cars, Bikes, Fashion, Shopping, Pin Ups, Tattoos, Art, Burlesque and much much more to give a complete lifestyle and culture mix in one publication.
Check it out!