29 September 2010

1000 Punks

Yep, it's time for another 1000 Punks with a great lineup at Mejeriet in Lund this Friday. Locators, Nobelkommittén and The Headlines are playing. All great bands and two of them are on HepTown Records.

Doors open at 21.00



The Headlines

27 September 2010

Eddie, Ersson and Pat C Miller in Kristianstadsbladet

Our friends Eddie, Ersson and Pat C Miller were featured in Kristianstadsbladet this weekend. DJ Undertaker aka Martin Kubista lists five great rockabilly songs.

Eddie and Ersson.
Photo by Peter Åklundh

Read the article Välvaxad musikfest (in Swedish) and see more photos on Kristianstadsbladets website.
Google translate version in English.

Jimmy Jazz in Sydsvenskan

Our very own Jimmy Jazz turned 30 yesterday and was featured in the Sunday edition of Sydsvenskan, our local newspaper.

You can read it (in Swedish) on Sydsvenskans website, it's called För honom är retro helt rätt.
Click here to read a google translate version in English.

24 September 2010

22 September 2010

Rod & Kulture #23

Get the Fall issue of Traditional Rod and Kulture!

For guys who build their hot rods by getting dirt under their nails and a busted knuckle, rather than by whipping out a gold card.

21 September 2010

New brand: Dunderdon

We have a new brand in the shop, Dunderdon. This Swedish workwear company was founded in Gothenburg in 1997 by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg, whose mission at Dunderdon is to create clothing for craftsmen who appreciate superior construction and smart design.

Cord Worker Dress

See all Dunderdon products here.

16 September 2010

Car Kulture Deluxe 42

Check out the latest issue of Car Kulture Deluxe. Get it while it's still hot.

Car Kulture DeLuxe continues on in the spirit and style of the early issues. The kulture part of Car Kulture is even more evident. We have nostalgia drag cars, pre-1968 rods, gorgeous seductive DeLuxe Gals pin-ups in every issue, a few bobbers, and great cars: kustoms, hot rods, straight-axle asphalt burners, and more.

And don't forget that issues 19-24 are on sale for a mere 20 sek each. Check out our specials page.

15 September 2010

Brace yourself!

A pair of braces have always been the matching companion for a pair of work pants.
Therefore we now offer Pike Brothers Heavy Duty braces for the Roamer Pant. The braces are hand made in Germany and are made to the highest quality standards.

The braces come in two colors, white/blue and brown.

White and blue.

The braces are made to go with the 1937 roamer pant for a traditional work wear look.

14 September 2010

One Percent Magazine

Just in: One Percent Magazine from New Zealand. This one was hard to find!

One Percent Magazine -- for the one percent who don't care.
Tons of fun, well-produced new magazine featuring a, dare we say, perfect balance of hot rods, motorcycles and rock n roll. Great writing, photos and design. This is a high quality mag that doesn't take itself too damned seriously.

Read it and tell us what you think!

13 September 2010

Getting reday for the winter season?

Summer is gone and so is the Swedish hot rod/kustom/bike season. Fall is the beginning of projects in the garage, dreaming of better weather and planning for next summer.

But some crazy riders are getting ready for winter and ice racing. Check out "Icy Riders".

For three years, documentary filmmaker Bengt Löfgren, followed the riders, mechanics and fans in the glorious world of Ice Speedway. Icy Riders is a film about dreams, ambition and aging during what might become the last season of the legendary ice speedway rider Posa Serenius.

Get it at the HepCat Store!

12 September 2010

Postcards from The Men

Heptown Records own mod squad, The Men, played at the Bear Family Records anniversary party at Music Hall Worpswede in Germany. It looks like they had a great time!

The Men

Click here to see more photos from the event.

10 September 2010

Pace - his and hers

Have you seen the new PACE 101 unisex jeans? They look great on both boys and girls.

PACE 101

And they come in black too. Click here to check 'em out!

09 September 2010

Kamikaze Queens - live in Copenhagen

Live in Copenhagen tonight.

Have you heard the latest 7" from the Kamikaze Queens? Well we think you should!

Kamikaze Queens are playing Stockholm tomorrow and Cafe Deluxe in Växjö on Saturday. (Their original gig for Saturday has been canceled, so Växjö is where it's at!)
Check out their myspace for more music and European tour dates.

07 September 2010

Milcow and Custom Garage

We have a brand new magazine in the shop, Custom Garage. This issue has an interview with skate legend Duane Peters, the master of disaster.

And there's also a brand new issue of British rockabilly magazine Milcow. So grab a beer or a cup of tea, chill out with some good reading and start planning for next summer...

New stuff from DePalma

The new stuff from DePalma has arrived! Baseball jackets, lots of new prints and some classics. Take a look!

Roadster tee black.

Close call tee

Baseball jacket red

You'll find all our DePalma stuff here.

03 September 2010

Heptown Records - in ink

Tobbe, our skateboarder/painter/budding pinstriper and junior member of the Saint 21 crew, has marked himself for life with the Heptown Records logo.

Nice ink, but you're still not getting a job.

These crazy kids and their ink...

Check out the Heptown Records blog for all the latest releases and news.