31 August 2009

History of the Danish Tattoo

I was working last saturday when a really nice fellow called Jon Nordström came in bearing a heavy cardboard box. He opens his box and produces this baby:

Dansk Tatovering / Danish Tattoing

and i drop my jaw.
I remember Peter of Old Bones Tattoo in Malmö told me some time ago that there was this guy who was putting together the history of Danish tattooing complete with an astonishing collection of photos and interviews with some of scandinavias most legendary tattoo-artists... and here it is! From oldschool (as in end of the 1800s) to our days, it follows the development of Danish tattoo art, something that has heavily influenced the whole of scandinavia.
No need to say this book is awesome, you already get it right?
We at Hepcat Store can proudly say we carry this piece of history at a reasonable price!
Best thing is Jon signed 10 of the copies he left with us, maybe there's still one left?

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