19 December 2008

R.I.P El Kid'o 1981-2008

“Our dear El Kid'o aka Rasmus Nybo has passed away after a short and unfair battle against cancer.
We will miss him dearly and will always treasure the excellent time we have had together.
El Ray will continue as a trio and will start working on the upcoming album with the working title "El Ray in Space" shortly.
Just in the spirit of the bass groovy, tight playing, good looking, beer drinking, best friend and cool dude El Kid'o.

El Kid'o Forever!!”
-El Ray

Condolences, very sorry for your loss
- All of us at HepTown Records

16 December 2008

12 December 2008

Pranksters on Danish TV

Finally the Danes get some real music played on TV.
So now it's up to the Danish people to show what they think about some real punk rock on Boogielisten!

Do as we do, love them and give the Pranksters your vote.

Buy their CD here.

Jens models for Stetson

Jens of J.Tex and the Volunteers is modelling hats for legendary company Stetson.

06 December 2008

Dice - Now In 3D

We've got issue 23 of Dice Magazine in stock. And this issue comes with 3D-glasses and a snazzy 3D cover.

One thing you have to know about the 70's is that it wasn't just about 'Flares' and 'Space Hoppers'. It was also about 'Big Hair' and taking 'Handfuls Of Drugs'. What happens when you mash all that shit together? No you plonker, not a drugged out hippy bouncing down the street!
What you get my friends is…3-D vision!!
Free 3-D glasses with every issue, bitch!
Because issue 23 has a 3-D cover innit?!

And why not get yourself a Dice t-shirt or a Dice trucker cap to go with your favourie bike magazine?

30 November 2008

Xmas Bash 2008

There ain't no xmas party like our Xmas Bash!
Join us at Mejeriet in Lund this Saturday and celebrate the holidays with a beer, dancing and good music.

We'll have Wild Wax Combo, the Astrolites and The Flamingo Stingers on the stage. There might even be a little burlesque surprise...

Get your ticket here or at the door.

29 November 2008

Papa Bear in the Blogosphere

Our friend Papa Bear has joined us in the blogosphere. Check out some of his graphics and promotion material here.

Papa Bear is a workaholic who always has something new up his sleeve. Check out his other websites here.

One of these days we might even get him to visit us at Saint 21. Then we'll see who looks cooler in cowboy boots, me or Papa Bear.

27 November 2008

Let Your T-shirt Do The Talking

We've got some sweet new tees from Lovewright in stock. Check 'em out!

This one features the one and only Joe Strummer. If you haven't seen the documentary about him called "The Future Is Unwritten" you should.

21 November 2008

Old News Are Good News

We've been in the local papers a few times during the last few years.
Here are some of the stories written about us and retro culture in our region.
All articles are in Swedish.

Lindy Hop is alive and well in Helsingborg. It's not just us! Helsingborgs Dagblad 2008.

Little America in Malmö. We're part of it! Interview with our friend Marcus from Cardinals Car Club. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Pinstriping, pinups and pomade. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Skånskan 2008.

Pinstriping with precision. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Retro Empire on the move. About the move from Mejeriet to Saint 21. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Lindy Hop Fever in Malmö. Dance classes in Malmö. Sydsvenskan 2007.

Punk turned swingkid.
Rob turns 40. 2007.

HepTown Records celebrates five year anniversary
. Our little record label is growing up. Dygnet Runt 2007.

It's a Swingin' Life. Some of our friends talk about hot rods, rockabilly and why they're attracted to retro culture. Trelleborgs Allehanda 2006.

20 November 2008

Pin Up Animal Rescue Calendar

It is a very special calendar and you will see Zoe Scarlett belly dancing with a camel, riding a horse and even playing with a leopard cub. It's the Pin Up Animal Rescue Calendar 2009.

Some of you met Zoe hanging out in our lounge at A-bombers Old Style Weekend this summer. She was our guest alongside Skratch, High Life Pomade and J.Tex.

Don't hesitate and get your copy! The proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Walter Zoo in Gossau.

18 November 2008

We're famous!

Blogger Chrystelle created this image of her favourite things from the HepCat store. As you can see, she has great taste.

14 November 2008

Vintage Hairstyling in stock!

It proved very popular during the retro hair styling session at Big Hair Mama and we've finally got it in stock! Yes Ladies, I'm talking about the book "Vintage Hairstyling".
You can find it here, or drop by our store at Saint 21 in Lund.

Don't miss our range of Bésame cosmetics and the fabulous bags and wallets from Trophy Queen.

If you want more retro styling tips, then check out "Vintage Hairstyling" author Lauren Rennells Bobby Pin Blog!

13 November 2008

Caugth in the act...

Lorenzo caught puttin’ a tiki devil on the air vent in the new lounge

Pranksters' video on Danish television

Finally, Danish televisiosn is going to show Pranksters' video for the track Living Disaster from their debut album of the same name which was released on Heptown Records earlier 2008. The video is going to run on DR's program Boogie.

Don't miss it!

New art boards

New arty skateboards from Bats ´n Butterflies just arrived. Really hot stuff, if you want one you’ll probably have to stop by before we get them online...

11 November 2008

Photos from Nosey Joe

Brand new photos from Tangopalatset can be found in the HepTown photo galleries.
Nosey Joe and The Poolkings put on a great show and the dancers kept the dancefloor crowded.

Thanks to all the cats, kittens, Cardinals and DeBops who came and partied with us.

For The Girls

I've just posted photos from the vintage hairstyling session at Big Hair Mama in Malmö this Saturday. You can find the photos here.

A really fun way to get ready for a night of dancing and drinks at Tangopalatset.
A big thank you to everyone who made it a great event!
I promise I'll let you know when the book "Vintage Hairstyling" is in stock.

07 November 2008

Nosey Joe and The Poolkings at Tangopalatset

Don't miss Nosey Joe and The Poolkings at Tangopalatset in Malmö tomorrow.

The Swedish kings of raw rythmn and swing will treat you to a night of great music and their jumpin' rythmn section will keep your feet moving all night long.

The band's latest album "Tunes from the Bighouse" is where swing meets rythmn and blues and vintage rock n roll.

05 November 2008

New book and added glamour

The publishers of "Vintage Hairstyling" have promised that our order is on it's way, so we should have the book in stock soon. It'll be listed here as soon as it arrives.

If you're in the mood for glamour you can check out our vintage style lipsticks, eye shadows and lip gloss from Bésame Cosmetics.
Or why not treat yourself to a retro styling session at Big Hair Mama on the 8th of November? That way you'll look fabulous when you head out to Tangopalatset to check out Nosey Joe and The Poolkings.

Hell Yeah!

The right guy won! J.Tex and The Volunteers were right.

Show your support for both J.Tex and Obama with this great t-shirt. More colors and girlies are on their way.
If you can't wait just send us an e-mail or call the shop and we'll see what we have in stock.

02 November 2008

J Tex in Trelleborgs Allehanda

J Tex & The Volunteers: "One Of These Days" CD has been reviewed in Trelleborgs Allehanda. (and Ystads Allehanda)
And we thought they didn't like us... LT, all is forgiven.

And there are some brand new photos from J Tex & The Volunteers gig with Fatboy posted in our gallery.

Jimmy gets dirty

Renovering av nya rummet

We got make-up!

I've finally pursuaded the boys to add some glamour to the HepCat Store and stock some make-up. But not just any old brand, it's 1940's cosmetics from Bésame Cosmetics.

We've got the perfect matte red lipsticks, lip gloss, and some wicked eyeshadows. Shimmer Beige is my favorite and a great base eye shadow.

29 October 2008

Sarah Blackwood hits repeat status

You know how some albums become addictive almost immediatly? Rare stuff right? It just clicks on that weird level and it sounds like and old friend right from the start.

Found one some time ago, good country by a girl with a great voice and true rock and roll spirit and her name is Sarah Blackwood (of The Creepshows in case you were wondering) and the record happens to be her debut as a solo artist. Its called "Way Back Home" and has been playing in the shop stereo over and over alongside instant classic J.Tex & The Volunteers "One Of These Days" and Fatboy "In My Bones", its like the country-style holy spirit in the Saint 21 recent musical trinity. A blonde Hirohito to complete our Axis of Music!

Seriously, this album IS a killer. Either buy it now or come down to the store, listen and then buy it, its inevitable!

Historien bakom Depalma

Legenden om David Clay DePalma

Han föddes 1913 i den lilla fattiga staden Gilbert i Clay County, Georgia. Dave gick aldrig i skolan utan började istället tidigt att jobba som springschas i den lokala järnaffären. Under förbudstiden 1920-1933 då försäljning av rusdrycker var förbjuden enligt Amerikans lag ökade den olagliga hembränningen explosionsartat.

Den hembrända och olagliga spriten som i dagligt tal kallades moonshine behövde naturligtvis distribueras ut från de hemliga brännerierna. Detta gjordes på nätterna och slanguttrycket för de sprit kurirer som körde bilarna var bootleggers. David kom i sextonårsåldern att bli en av dessa unga män som på nätterna riskerade livet för att få fram spriten till svartkrogar och marknader runt om i den amerikanska södern. Att vara en bootlegger var ett livsfarligt yrke.

Att nattetid köra i hög hastighet på dåliga vägar och ofta med polisen hack i häl resulterades allt som oftast i dödsfall eller fängelse. För att se vem som hade den snabbaste bilen började dessa bootleggers också att tävla med varandra. Man tävlade på söndagar och tävlingarna kom med tiden att bli mycket populära på den amerikanska söderns landbygd. David gjorde sig ett namn genom att vinna flera tävlingar och blev lite av en lokal kändis.

1934 lämnade David södern och begav sig västerut till Kalifornien. Vad han gjorde mellan 1935 och 1942 finns det inte mycket uppgifter om men 1943 blev han inkallad i armen och skickades till Europa. Då David var tillbaks i USA efter krigsslutet började han jobba hos sin gamla barndomsvän Joseph Gecco. Firman hette Fresno Car Delivery och Davids jobb var att leverera bilar till kunder över hela USA. Med tanke på Davids tidigare erfarenheter passade jobbet honom bra.

Att leverera bilar krävde långa körningar och det var nästan alltid bråttom att få fram bilarna i tid. David körde vid ett tillfälle en 1963 Impala SS från Denver till San Fransisco på 15 timmar. Just den speciella turen kom att inspirera enfilmmakare att 1971 skriva ett manus om en liknande historia. David hade jobbat för Joseph i över tjugo år när polisen, i september 1969, hittade honom död i en totalt demolerad 1951 Mercury Coupé, några mil utanför staden Jackson, Mississippi.

1972 bestämde sig Joseph och hans son Jr för att hedra sin goda väns minne genom att namnge deras då nystartade företag efter David Clay DePalma. DePalma Clothing tillverkade slitstarka arbetskläder för bilmekaniker och blev snabbt populärt bland bilverkstäder som verkade i och kring södra Kalifornien i början av 70-talet.

Idag har DePalma Clothing vuxit och blivit ett populärt märke för unga Greasers and Dolls. Märket har sedan starten 1972 alltid hämtat inspiration från den amerikanska Hot Rod- och Custom-kulturen som uppstod i södra Kalifornien i mitten på 50-talet. Klädmärket DePalma återskapar och speglar det som David Clay representerade och stod för; att leva livet kompromisslöst, oavsett vad andra tycker.

27 October 2008

Ol Skool

Old school swingers in zoot suits making a comeback at Mejeriet, cocktails in hand.

Retro Hair Styling day in Malmö

Lördag den 8 november anordnar Big Hair Mama en styling kväll på salongen. Det är Club Hepcat på Tangopalatset som är slutmålet för denna kväll. Nosey Joe spelar och hela Tangopalatset förvandlas till en swingjazz joint á la 40-tal. Blanka skor, prickiga klänningar, illröda läppar, pin-up tatueringar och grymma hårkreationer i en och samma kväll. Stylingen startar kl 15 och avslutas 22. Vi kommer att ha snacks och dricka under kvällen. En make-up artist finns på plats för att ge dig alla tips för en bra retrolook. Intresserad? ring oss eller maila till yen@bighairmama.se

26 October 2008

Building a lounge

We've gotten tid of the printers and their gear in the back of the shop. Their old space is gonna be transformed into a cool lounge with places to sit around and enjoy music and maybe an old movie or two.
At the moment it's a bit of a mess down there...
We've moved the fridge and the microwave into the kitchen, where they belong.

It made more sense to keep the food in the kitchen/office with the records than to keep it in the back with the clothes.

In other news; J.Tex and The Volunteers did a great job opening for Fatboy at KB last night and our friend Marcus from The Cardinals was featured in an article on Americana in Malmö in Sydsvenskan.

20 October 2008

New stuff from Dirty Devil

We've got a whole bunch of new stuff from Dirty Devil, the clothing line created by Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and Roger Miret and the Disasters.

For this photo shoot we found a new location; the back doors to the garage. We're still shooting outside in natural light, so Jimmy was a trooper in the cold.
My fingers were ice cold after a few minutes, and I was wearing a hoodie and fingerless gloves to keep warm. But it's a small price to pay when you can look this cool!

This year's Christmas Bash

This year's Retro Blaster Christmas Bash 2008 is the answer to the prayers of all you rockers, rockabilly’s, hillbillies, swing cats, surfers, hot rodders and whatever!

Welcome to Las Vegas 1959 - The Flamingo Stingers bring some burlesque entertainment from the historical era of sin. And they’re not in the boat alone, one of today's most respected bands Astrolites, are entering the bash for some Christmas fun with Hi-Speed and Hi-Class rockabilly. Of course no Retro Blaster Christmas Bash is complete without our blood brothers Wild Wax Combo from Copenhagen.

Stay tuned and don’t miss this night… you going to regret it!


17 October 2008

Hot music from the roaring 20's!

Jut got home from a roaring 20's style swing night with Sothern Syncopaters at Scat Cat's Ballroom in Malmö. If ya missed it there is a new chance on the Monday Night Swing at Mejeriet on the 24th of November

15 October 2008

Swing Salsa Tango Party

Saturday 25th of October we invade Tangopalatset in Malmö and arrange a huge party where Swing Tango and Salsa battle it out on the dance floor. There will be dace shows, crash courses and mixed DJs all night long

Be sure to support the swing click by buying your tickets at HepCat Store.

“Swing or Die!”

/The Cat and Crew

New song by The Headlines

Our friends The Headlines have posted a new song on their Myspace. The song, called "Love and Hate" was recorded as pre-production for their upcoming second album.

You can buy The Headlines' first album here.

14 October 2008

New photos from Retro Blaster

The photos from J.Tex and Buckshot's performance at Retro Blaster are now up in the gallery. Go check 'em out!

Thanks to everyone who came out to party with us! We hope to se you all at the X-mas bash on the 6th of December.

10 October 2008

The Buckshots at Mejeriet

Gothenburg's finest rockabilly band, The Buckshots, will play one of their last shows at Retro Blaster at Mejeriet in Lund this Saturday. Don't miss this kick ass show!

The evening will kick off with J.Tex doing his solo act. If you saw him play in our tent at A-Bombers Old Style Weekend you know how good he is.

Mejeriet has a new entrepreneur behind the bar so drop by, have a drink or three and listen to some fine music.

In the meantime, here's The Buckshot's video for "I hope I'll meet you soon" featuring Mary West. If you look close you can spot Saint 21's own Jimmy and our outstanding model Eddie from The Cardinals.

08 October 2008

J.Tex will open for Fatboy

We just learned that our very own J.Tex will open for Fatboy at KB in Malmö on the 25th of October. Check out their albums in our store!

J.Tex will also open for The Buckshots at Mejeriet this Saturday. This will be The Buckshots' last gig in Southern Sweden so be there or be square.

07 October 2008

Happy Birthday Rob!

The snuff brothers Eddie and Rob during todays photo shoot at Saint 21.

Rob is celebrating his 41st birthday today. But this morning he got confused and thought he was turning 42. Not quite yet, dear.

Maybe it's those firemen that dropped by Rob's apartment yesterday and left him a love note that's making him confused.

Happy Birthday from the Saint 21 crew!!

Merch from The Bristles

We're now selling merch from Swedish punk band The Bristles. Check out their album featuring the best and the rest of the Bristles!
T-shirts, hoodies and tank tops will be in stock soon.

Thanks to our models Eddie and Danii.

05 October 2008

Hellbilly Boys sneak premiere

We've teamed up with Killer Cobra Records so you can get the Helbilly Boys new album before anyone else. Their self-titled album is released on the 20th of October, but we have it in the store right now!
If you wanna read more about the Hellbilly Boys check out their website or their myspace.

Check out all items from Killer Cobra Records in the store. We've got albums from Märvel and La Fleur Fatale.

04 October 2008

Saint 21 pomade back in stock

It's one of our bestsellers, it smells like vanilla and it's back in stock.
Get your own can of Saint 21 pomade before we run out of it again.

We brought our first batch to A-Bombers Old Style Weekend this August and we sold it all in a day.
Boys like it in their hair and us girls like the smell of vanilla and the fact that it's not as greasy as other pomades.

Made to our specifications by Adam Dorsett of High Life Pomade. Get it from our webshop or stop by our store at Sankt Lars väg 21 in Lund.

Rob stocks up the shelves at Saint 21 with Saint 21 pomade.

03 October 2008

Shopping around

Jimmy and Rob check out magazines at the gas station where we stock up on essentials like candy, milk and snuff.

Let's just say we don't have the healthiest of eating habits at the garage... We're getting better.
If you leave candy or cookies unattended they're gone in minutes, but we've always got plenty of coffee.

Books for the people!

I've just ordered some new books for the shop. One of them is "50-talets Bästa Vänner" published by Retromega. A book about 1950's affictionados in Sweden with a lot of fabulous photos.

The other book I ordered is "Pyssel de luxe" by Josefin Ekman. You can check out her blog "Dear Martha" here. I found this book at the Göteborg book fair last weekend.

Both "50-talets Bästa Vänner" and "Pyssel de luxe" make great gifts for yourself or a friend. Remember, Christmas is gonna be here sooner than you think!

Once they are in stock you'll find them here.

Gettin' out of here

The Black Cat is leavn’ this (ex) loon asylum garage a.k.a Saint 21, early tomorrow morning to get some sun in Alicante

First blog...

We're starting our very own Saint 21 blog!

Check us out at the hepcat store and heptown.