30 November 2008

Xmas Bash 2008

There ain't no xmas party like our Xmas Bash!
Join us at Mejeriet in Lund this Saturday and celebrate the holidays with a beer, dancing and good music.

We'll have Wild Wax Combo, the Astrolites and The Flamingo Stingers on the stage. There might even be a little burlesque surprise...

Get your ticket here or at the door.

29 November 2008

Papa Bear in the Blogosphere

Our friend Papa Bear has joined us in the blogosphere. Check out some of his graphics and promotion material here.

Papa Bear is a workaholic who always has something new up his sleeve. Check out his other websites here.

One of these days we might even get him to visit us at Saint 21. Then we'll see who looks cooler in cowboy boots, me or Papa Bear.

27 November 2008

Let Your T-shirt Do The Talking

We've got some sweet new tees from Lovewright in stock. Check 'em out!

This one features the one and only Joe Strummer. If you haven't seen the documentary about him called "The Future Is Unwritten" you should.

21 November 2008

Old News Are Good News

We've been in the local papers a few times during the last few years.
Here are some of the stories written about us and retro culture in our region.
All articles are in Swedish.

Lindy Hop is alive and well in Helsingborg. It's not just us! Helsingborgs Dagblad 2008.

Little America in Malmö. We're part of it! Interview with our friend Marcus from Cardinals Car Club. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Pinstriping, pinups and pomade. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Skånskan 2008.

Pinstriping with precision. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Retro Empire on the move. About the move from Mejeriet to Saint 21. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Lindy Hop Fever in Malmö. Dance classes in Malmö. Sydsvenskan 2007.

Punk turned swingkid.
Rob turns 40. 2007.

HepTown Records celebrates five year anniversary
. Our little record label is growing up. Dygnet Runt 2007.

It's a Swingin' Life. Some of our friends talk about hot rods, rockabilly and why they're attracted to retro culture. Trelleborgs Allehanda 2006.

20 November 2008

Pin Up Animal Rescue Calendar

It is a very special calendar and you will see Zoe Scarlett belly dancing with a camel, riding a horse and even playing with a leopard cub. It's the Pin Up Animal Rescue Calendar 2009.

Some of you met Zoe hanging out in our lounge at A-bombers Old Style Weekend this summer. She was our guest alongside Skratch, High Life Pomade and J.Tex.

Don't hesitate and get your copy! The proceeds from the calendar will be donated to Walter Zoo in Gossau.

18 November 2008

We're famous!

Blogger Chrystelle created this image of her favourite things from the HepCat store. As you can see, she has great taste.

14 November 2008

Vintage Hairstyling in stock!

It proved very popular during the retro hair styling session at Big Hair Mama and we've finally got it in stock! Yes Ladies, I'm talking about the book "Vintage Hairstyling".
You can find it here, or drop by our store at Saint 21 in Lund.

Don't miss our range of Bésame cosmetics and the fabulous bags and wallets from Trophy Queen.

If you want more retro styling tips, then check out "Vintage Hairstyling" author Lauren Rennells Bobby Pin Blog!

13 November 2008

Caugth in the act...

Lorenzo caught puttin’ a tiki devil on the air vent in the new lounge

Pranksters' video on Danish television

Finally, Danish televisiosn is going to show Pranksters' video for the track Living Disaster from their debut album of the same name which was released on Heptown Records earlier 2008. The video is going to run on DR's program Boogie.

Don't miss it!

New art boards

New arty skateboards from Bats ´n Butterflies just arrived. Really hot stuff, if you want one you’ll probably have to stop by before we get them online...

11 November 2008

Photos from Nosey Joe

Brand new photos from Tangopalatset can be found in the HepTown photo galleries.
Nosey Joe and The Poolkings put on a great show and the dancers kept the dancefloor crowded.

Thanks to all the cats, kittens, Cardinals and DeBops who came and partied with us.

For The Girls

I've just posted photos from the vintage hairstyling session at Big Hair Mama in Malmö this Saturday. You can find the photos here.

A really fun way to get ready for a night of dancing and drinks at Tangopalatset.
A big thank you to everyone who made it a great event!
I promise I'll let you know when the book "Vintage Hairstyling" is in stock.

07 November 2008

Nosey Joe and The Poolkings at Tangopalatset

Don't miss Nosey Joe and The Poolkings at Tangopalatset in Malmö tomorrow.

The Swedish kings of raw rythmn and swing will treat you to a night of great music and their jumpin' rythmn section will keep your feet moving all night long.

The band's latest album "Tunes from the Bighouse" is where swing meets rythmn and blues and vintage rock n roll.

05 November 2008

New book and added glamour

The publishers of "Vintage Hairstyling" have promised that our order is on it's way, so we should have the book in stock soon. It'll be listed here as soon as it arrives.

If you're in the mood for glamour you can check out our vintage style lipsticks, eye shadows and lip gloss from Bésame Cosmetics.
Or why not treat yourself to a retro styling session at Big Hair Mama on the 8th of November? That way you'll look fabulous when you head out to Tangopalatset to check out Nosey Joe and The Poolkings.

Hell Yeah!

The right guy won! J.Tex and The Volunteers were right.

Show your support for both J.Tex and Obama with this great t-shirt. More colors and girlies are on their way.
If you can't wait just send us an e-mail or call the shop and we'll see what we have in stock.

02 November 2008

J Tex in Trelleborgs Allehanda

J Tex & The Volunteers: "One Of These Days" CD has been reviewed in Trelleborgs Allehanda. (and Ystads Allehanda)
And we thought they didn't like us... LT, all is forgiven.

And there are some brand new photos from J Tex & The Volunteers gig with Fatboy posted in our gallery.

Jimmy gets dirty

Renovering av nya rummet

We got make-up!

I've finally pursuaded the boys to add some glamour to the HepCat Store and stock some make-up. But not just any old brand, it's 1940's cosmetics from Bésame Cosmetics.

We've got the perfect matte red lipsticks, lip gloss, and some wicked eyeshadows. Shimmer Beige is my favorite and a great base eye shadow.