09 July 2009

J.Tex - Misery

HepTown Records artist J.Tex just released his new solo album called Misery.

A man and his guitar.

This is what J.Tex himself had to say about the new album;

This time we wanted to catch that special summer night feeling we had experienced, a feeling that includes music, dust, old-time cars and a great crowd. And to make it just right, we found the greatest little studio located in an old schoolhouse near Lund, Sweden. The studio is now known as “House on the Hill” with Carl Granberg as the man in charge.

These twelve songs were recorded in three days. I asked my best and oldest buddy, Frank Borg, bass/banjo player and singer-songwriter, to cross the sea that third and final day and join in on this album. Andi Almqvist, a Swedish singer-songwriter from Malmö and also a dear friend, came by, making the song "Union Army" sparkle with his voice and musical talent. To make the day just perfect, Svante Sjöblom joined the party and was thrown in on “One of these days”.

All in all, this album was made in the true family & good friends way. I hope you will enjoy this album. And that not only this album, but all music you may listen to, will shine on you and make every day a better day.

Music Rules!


Click here to listen to some of the songs on myspace.

You can buy the album here.


Lorenzo Petersson said...

schysst bild på J.Tex också, är det logen på mejeriet?

punk in writing said...

Japp, från kvällen då han var förband till Buckshots. :)