04 March 2009

DePalma causes mayhem at the HepCat Store!

This just in: A huge shipment of clothes from DePalma has paralyzed the entire HepCat crew.

The store is filled with boxes containing the latest collection from DePalma. We can't get anything done before they're dealt with. This is priority one, people!

Rob is working like a maniac to sort everything and stock the shelves and the webshop.
He has a pile of items from the new collection that he simply "must" buy, and it's is growing by the minute.

Oh yeah, have you seen what we've done with our back room? Our shop at Saint 21 has gotten bigger and nicer. Drop by and check it out!

Art, caps, hats, limited edition denim... We have it all.


Rob said...

Auuuuhhhh... means lots of work. Love it... what a weekender it gonna be!

Håkan said...

Sweet stuff