08 March 2009

Volbeat in Lund

On Saturday night the entire crew from Saint 21 went and saw Volbeat play at the new arena in Lund. Good show, but the venue felt a little like a school auditorium.

Rob got drunk on a glass of red wine and started acting like a 14-year old. He managed to shut off his phone by using the wrong pin-number three times, forgot his keys at the shop and had to be driven home. You gotta love him.

Jimmy wasn't sober enough to drive, but he still managed to open up the shop after the gig and sell some stuff. That's the spirit!

We also had the pleasure of having barber Patric Fjellman here over the weekend. He'll be back at Saint 21 on the 9th of May to cut some more hair.

A big thanks to the guys from Volbeat for putting us on the guest list!

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Rob said...

I was there!! Haha.. great fun