26 February 2009

Saint 21 Barber Shop

We're proud to offer you an appointment with barber Patric Fjellman, one of Sweden's finest. Patric Fjellman sets up shop at Old Style Weekend every year.

He may be charming, but what he is truly known for is his skills with scissors and combs. Few rockabilly boys have left his chair without learning something new about pomade, combs and their hair.

Patric Fjellman is now working with Saint 21 and will be cutting hair at the ambulance garage at the old insane asylum in Lund. The first occasion is the 7-8th of March at HepCat, Sankt Lars Väg 21, 222 70 Lund.

Saturday: 11-18
Sunday: 11-16

Book now if you want a classic men's haircut!

barber@heptown.com / 046-211 14 49

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