03 August 2010

A-bombers 2010 - It was raining

We're back home and we've recovered from A-bombers. Well... we're dry and clean at least. This must have been the rainiest weekend we ever spent at Backamo lägerplats.
We felt very lucky to have our booth indoors and our van parked right outside!

Photo by Tony, shamelessly stolen from Facebook.

Photo by Tony, shamelessly stolen from Facebook.

We were a little tired after packing boxes, packing the van, driving to Backamo, unpacking, sorting, selling, chatting to friends and looking at cars. There's just so much going on during this weekend! I don't think any of the HepCat crew saw any of the bands, we were just too busy selling and talking to people. Good thing we brought our own entertainment in the form of J.Tex.

J.Tex live, Friday night.

Patric the barber premiered his new Kustom Kutting pomade, created by Mr Levin. We sold out really fast, but there will be more in stock as soon.
Other popular items were snoods, Sailor Jerry tees and Pike Brothers mechanic bib jeans.

Rob and Tony working the booth.
All three of us wore plaid woolen shirts. And no, we didn't plan that.

We meet a lot of cool people at A-bombers but the award for most suitable ride must go to Jimmy from Nordic Flake. Just look a that little pink Skoda with flakes. That baby sparkles in the sunshine, let me tell ya!

Let's just hope we get a lot more sun at next years A-bombers.

The boys from Nordic Flake drive in style.


Peter Kampf said...

Såg er där. Snygg monter för ett fräckt företag!

punk in writing said...

Tack Peter! :)