09 August 2010

Go with Moon!

We've got a brand new coffee-table book for all you hot rodders and kustom lovers. Go with Moon! 1950-2010 tells the story of Mooneyes.

Dean Moon, instead of creating an empire, set the path for many hot rodders to get their share of fame, while his products, his cars and his cleverly used ‘Eyeballs Logo’ became legends. This fantastic industrial and human adventure is strongly rooted in the Post-WWII era, but it managed to survive the decades and the passing of its originator in ’87 : a young Mooneyes Japanese distributor, Shige Suganuma, bought the whole Moon legacy, carefully preserved it and expanded the business and hot rod philosophy… to the world.

About the author: Laurent Bagnard is a photographer and journalist. He is the founder of Powerglide magazine in France and the author of a reknown collection of books, Cheatersville, Electroline Diaries, Rebel Motorcycle Ltd. His work on US subculture gained him an international recognition and he now works for various magazines worldwide, from Gasoline mag in Sweden to Rod & Custom in America. Go With Moon is his fourth book.

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