10 January 2009

Prison Blues Jeans In Stock

Prison Blues Jeans are back in stock! Many of our customers have asked about them and here they are!

The original, authentic, prison-made blue jean brand. Made by inmates at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton, Oregon USA.

Check out that durable fabric. Peruse that careful stitching. Feel that fit. Weld in them. Fall timber. Build houses. Dig in the dirt. You have the freedom to choose. A classic blue jean made from 14.75 oz cotton denim, high-waist cut for a great fit.

These jeans are made in "Rigid Blue denim", are unwashed and not pre-shrunk. As a result they are sized accordingly. Unwashed denim items will measure slightly larger than the lable size to allow for normal shrinkage after repeated home washings.


Rob said...

Got a pair worker... Great stuff!

Lorenzo Petersson said...

me too, use them every day man!