03 January 2009

Decks Galore!

Brothers and Sisters of the congregation!
This might be of interest for all you little kickflipping boys and girls of the world and (more specifically) of Lund. Your ol' pals at Saint 21 just recieved a batch of FINE-ass skate decks, making us the only store in this burrow to carry such inventory! Thats some mafia-style marketing scheme and we just made you an offer you cant refuse.

So far we've featured stuff from our friends from Bats N Butterflies, DiCE Mag and our latest addition is Affiliate Skateboards. No half-steps or anything, legit!

Our trinity is now complete: threads, tunes and trucks! What more do you need than the grace of this?!

AMEN to you Sisters and Brothers, let me hear you testify!

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