20 October 2008

This year's Christmas Bash

This year's Retro Blaster Christmas Bash 2008 is the answer to the prayers of all you rockers, rockabilly’s, hillbillies, swing cats, surfers, hot rodders and whatever!

Welcome to Las Vegas 1959 - The Flamingo Stingers bring some burlesque entertainment from the historical era of sin. And they’re not in the boat alone, one of today's most respected bands Astrolites, are entering the bash for some Christmas fun with Hi-Speed and Hi-Class rockabilly. Of course no Retro Blaster Christmas Bash is complete without our blood brothers Wild Wax Combo from Copenhagen.

Stay tuned and don’t miss this night… you going to regret it!


1 comment:

Håkan said...

We are doing a small hidden backstage blues lounge...