29 October 2008

Sarah Blackwood hits repeat status

You know how some albums become addictive almost immediatly? Rare stuff right? It just clicks on that weird level and it sounds like and old friend right from the start.

Found one some time ago, good country by a girl with a great voice and true rock and roll spirit and her name is Sarah Blackwood (of The Creepshows in case you were wondering) and the record happens to be her debut as a solo artist. Its called "Way Back Home" and has been playing in the shop stereo over and over alongside instant classic J.Tex & The Volunteers "One Of These Days" and Fatboy "In My Bones", its like the country-style holy spirit in the Saint 21 recent musical trinity. A blonde Hirohito to complete our Axis of Music!

Seriously, this album IS a killer. Either buy it now or come down to the store, listen and then buy it, its inevitable!

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punk in writing said...

Dear Lorenzo, greetings and salutations!

How fabulous of you to join us. :)