06 December 2008

Dice - Now In 3D

We've got issue 23 of Dice Magazine in stock. And this issue comes with 3D-glasses and a snazzy 3D cover.

One thing you have to know about the 70's is that it wasn't just about 'Flares' and 'Space Hoppers'. It was also about 'Big Hair' and taking 'Handfuls Of Drugs'. What happens when you mash all that shit together? No you plonker, not a drugged out hippy bouncing down the street!
What you get my friends is…3-D vision!!
Free 3-D glasses with every issue, bitch!
Because issue 23 has a 3-D cover innit?!

And why not get yourself a Dice t-shirt or a Dice trucker cap to go with your favourie bike magazine?


Rob said...

Woowww... is this cool or what?

Rob said...

It works