15 May 2010

Pace Day at Saint 21

May 29th is PACE DAY at Saint 21!

The PACE crew will hang out at HepCat Store all day, talk about denim, whiskey and rum, Hot Rods and other essentials. Maybe they'll challenge the local kids on the skateboard ramp?

PACE have been digging for odd stuff and "One of a Kind Items" that they will offer some of you lucky ones! Oh yes...go go!

Joining us from Copenhagen, live in the store, is the fabulous J.Tex that PACE have been supporting. We also have the amazing organic garage rockers We:Duo with their Village People image...

+ Lots of special offers surprises and more stuff t.b.a.

* Saturday the 29th of May 2010
* HepCat Store, Saint 21, Sankt Lars väg 21, Lund
* Open 11.00 - 18.00




Sandy De Luxe said...

Meen åååh! Då är ju jag i Stockholm! Vad synd! Det var ju väldigt trevligt förra året, ha det fint!

punk in writing said...

Nej vad tråkigt! Vi kommer att sakna dig...