05 April 2009

Photo shoot Sunday

We've been busy this weekend. Photographer Dan Sköld dropped by Saint 21 for a photo shoot in our brand new studio.
We have a lot of new stuff in the store and it takes a lot of work to get good photos of everything for the webshop.

Models Johan, Sunna and Eddie did an awesome job. Caroline, Kristopher, Håkan, Rob and Malin worked behind the scenes.

Photographer Dan and model Johan. He's got an older brother who sings in HepCat Daddies.

Photographer Dan and model Sunna. Those shoes rock.

Rob is making sure everything looks right. He was up half the night painting the studio. Johan, Eddie and Caroline in the background.

Everybody look down! We moved a lot of stuff to make room for the studio.

It's all about the details. Shirt and skirt by Robert&Blad, bandana by DePalma. Pace jeans on the scruffy stylist.

A scruffy stylist making sure model Sunna looks good.

Photographer Dan and modell Sunna. Suit by Robert&Blad, shoes by Lola Ramona.

I'm not sure what Rob is doing to model Johan in this photo... Sailor pants by Robert&Blad, tank top by DePalma.

The new stuff will be added to the webshop in the next few days. We still have to edit more than a thousand photos before they are ready for the webshop.

Or you can drop by Saint 21 and see all the new stuff for yourself.

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