21 November 2008

Old News Are Good News

We've been in the local papers a few times during the last few years.
Here are some of the stories written about us and retro culture in our region.
All articles are in Swedish.

Lindy Hop is alive and well in Helsingborg. It's not just us! Helsingborgs Dagblad 2008.

Little America in Malmö. We're part of it! Interview with our friend Marcus from Cardinals Car Club. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Pinstriping, pinups and pomade. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Skånskan 2008.

Pinstriping with precision. Skratch, Zoe Scarlett and Adam Dorsett visit Lund. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Retro Empire on the move. About the move from Mejeriet to Saint 21. Sydsvenskan 2008.

Lindy Hop Fever in Malmö. Dance classes in Malmö. Sydsvenskan 2007.

Punk turned swingkid.
Rob turns 40. 2007.

HepTown Records celebrates five year anniversary
. Our little record label is growing up. Dygnet Runt 2007.

It's a Swingin' Life. Some of our friends talk about hot rods, rockabilly and why they're attracted to retro culture. Trelleborgs Allehanda 2006.


Rob said...

Is Rob really 40? Looks like 25..haha.

punk in writing said...

Actually you're 41.

Rob said...

Me... oh, you may be right there... hmm... Golden age!